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My Story

My healing journey began with years of therapy coming out of an abusive marriage with an alcoholic, looking at my diet and then all kinds of energy healing. Certification program after certification program followed, Tachyon practitioner I-III, The Quality of One I-III. I got my license as a Naturopathic Doctor and then moved to the USA to do a fouryear diploma program, just classical homeopathy with a twoyear internship and twoyear clinic management. I loved it. I never stopped. After that it was more energy healing work, Healing Hands, distance healing, Reiki, you name it. Then certifications in Aquatic Bodywork, WATSU®, Waterdance and Healing Dance amazing trauma release work. I love it. I did a masters program in live foods and sustainable living.

I was introduced to Vipassana Meditation and had an intense period of doing three 10-day silent retreats per year plus serving and a couple of advanced eight-day silent retreats. Then Brandon Bays’ The Journey work. Inner child work.

Next I embarked on certifications in anything quantum energetics: Chinese Quantum Method, Quantum Entrainment, The Reconnection® healing practitioner and The Reconnection®.

On to becoming a certified facilitator with The Work® of Byron Katie, which I have not maintained since the end of 2016. Getting certified as a Rawfood Chef instructor and a Life and Health Coach with IIN on the side. Exploring the Sedona Method and Scott Kiloby’s approach to healing addiction and Teal Swan’s ‘The Completion Process’ as well as her tool kit to finding selflove. Eventually becoming a teacher of the NLMM® (Non Linear Movement Method® by Michaela Boehm) and ‘Intimacy and Attraction Workshop’®.

Most of these modalities and tools have been tremendously helpful and healing with a few of them not quite my cup of tea. And that’s fine. It’s interesting for me to look at this list and notice that it had been just ‘normal’ for me to do all this. As I am typing it I can’t help but take in that it is in fact quite a bit of a background. 😉

 In 2005 I had a vision for the first time of a healing center. Something quite comprehensive with sustainable living, WATSU® pool, solar energy, education/seminars/workshops, art projects, gym, nutrition, a balanced lifestyle.

As I had to come to terms with my lack in self-love and how that had impacted my life, how I was out of alignment and integrity putting myself last, this vision came up again. In that vision was a very strong image of my transmitting healing through singing (in a language I didn’t know) and signs I made with my hands. Funnily I’ve known for the past 20 years that I have this kind of healing capacity; when I was first starting to explore energy healing the experiences were quite telling and obvious. But I doubted that someone would want that. And because I doubted myself, what I have to offer and my worth, I didn’t put myself out there. I thought I had to have more certificates and more other knowledge and background and education to be credible, that I needed to prove myself.

It was suggested that I explore Light Language and I was told I was going to create my own healing frequency. I’ve called it LoveLight + Sound Healing® as it is just that.

What has been coming through with these frequencies has contributed to my own healing process in an accelerated fashion that I would not have believed possible, and it keeps evolving and expanding. It is equally fascinating to receive the feedback of my clients on how it transforms their lives and how fast. I feel humbled and in awe taking in each image after it has come through and feels complete, each vocal that is being recorded. I am very clear that this is one of my gifts to give this lifetime, and I trust that whoever resonates with it will show up. It also seems that the center in the vision is destined to support trauma relief. So if you resonate with what you’ve been reading so far and are interested in learning more, feel free to contact me at suzannajamieson@gmail.com.

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